Cataract Surgery Testimonials

Read What Patients Have To Say About Their Cataract Surgery Experience at Advanced Eye Care Center

“The staff and doctors are so nice and helpful when I told them I couldn’t really afford the medicine. Not only did they give me some, they also gave me the names of the generic brands so it would be cheaper. I highly recommend them … this is the place you need to go.”

“I wanted the very best to do lasik surgery and I found the best. I ended-up finding-out I had cateracts . I had Dr. Charles Reing do the surgery and I feel he is the very best. Anyone needing either one, I would suggest having him do it.”

“I have been a patient of Dr.Reing for more years than I would like to admit, I am now 71 yrs old, figure it out. The staff is friendly and polite. I am greeted like a good friend, not just a patient. I would not trust anyone to touch my eyes but Dr. Reing. Before I had Lasik surgery in 1999, I went for yearly check ups, been fitted for contact lenses, was treated for minor eye infections. The LASIK surgery was a major life changer; never had a problem since. No more contacts, no more glasses. I would not trust anyone but Dr. Reing with my eyes and I am now sending my husband to him for cataract surgery, so he can see that I am still pretty.”

“Doctor Reing did a great job with my cataracts! I can’t believe how sharp and clear I can now see. The colors are so vivid. He used the special Restor lens, so now I don’t need my eyeglasses, even for reading. The staff is also very kind and courteous. I would recommend them to anyone.”

“Dr. Reing and his team are extremely professional and go the extra mile to give you great care! I was so worried before the cataract surgery, and was happy to trust them with my eyes!”

My decision was made after I spoke to someone who had the Restor during her cataract surgery. I realized the importance of going with newer technology. I am now able to see far and near without glasses. I am able to read clearer than I was able to before. I had many questions requiring phone calls after my initial visit. Dr. Reing and his staff are patient, caring and willing to explain the procedure, and follow up after the procedure.
-Barbara Bardi

After discussing my options with Dr. Reing, M.D., I decided that the multifocal lens/AcryoSof IOL were/would be best for me. I do not need to wear glasses. I can now see far and near without glasses and “white” is white without tobacco stains-yellowish. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone because of Dr, Reing’s professional service. Fantastic!
-Peter Santana